$AAPL Windshield

$AAPL Windshield

Perhaps we have received our first hint at Apple’s car? Or maybe this will become an optional feature for any car manufacture offering Apple’s Carplay? Either way, I’m still very bullish on Apple.

Apple as of Friday in after hours was trading at $116.44 which is above the 20 SMA of $116.19 — although still drastically above the 200 SMA of $93.75. The 50 SMA may give us a bit more accurate of a spot to leg in near under $115.33, but anything below $112.56 (100 SMA) would be ideal as well. There is definitely a chance pending news we could see $AAPL return to the $120’s as well while following the short term trend of 3 consecutive days of the price increasing. The Put-Call Ratio (Volume) remains low; 0.3042 — this means that we’re seeing more bullish buying into Calls, rather than bearish shorts buying Puts.

A schematic diagram of an illustrative system in accordance with an embodiment.

Siri control / operation?

FIG.1 Input-output devices 22 may include buttons, scrolling wheels, touch pads, key pads, keyboards, and other user input devices. Microphones may be used to gather voice input from a user and may gather information on ambient sounds.

A system such as a vehicle may have windows with one or more conductive layers. The conductive layers may form part of an infrared-light-blocking layer or other layer. The infrared-light-blocking layer or other layer may be formed as a coating on a transparent structural window layer such as an outer or inner glass layer in a laminated window or may be embedded in a polymer layer between the outer and inner layers. Segmented terminals and elongated terminals that may extend past two or more segmented terminals may be coupled to the edges of the conductive layers. Using these terminals, control circuitry can apply localized ohmic heating currents and can make resistance measurements on the conductive layers to detect cracks.

A flow chart of illustrative operations involved in using a window with crack detection and heating capabilities in accordance with an embodiment.

The tech giant said in its patent filing that the system can “also schedule the service appointment automatically without intervention by the user or following a brief confirmation from the user.”

According to respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the “Apple Car” should be ready between 2023 and 2025. No other evidence has corroborated this report, however there are continuing signs that the project is still under development in some form.

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